Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily celeb dish

Warm and just out of the oven heres your daily celeb dish. It looks like Brad and Angelina might be trying to add another branch to their red wood of a family tree. They were spotted at the UNICEF ball acting fairly playful and flirty with each other, a sign that they might be trying to a 7th addition to the Brangelina family.

It's not like this has been a secret of course, with Angelina saying that she can see "further additions to the family — both adopted and our own." Whatever the case I wish them the best. Maybe those rocky relationship rumors were all just hot air?

As glad as I am for Brangelina relationship, you cant help but feel bad for Bengals star Chris henry and loleini tonga's realationship, which ended with Chris Henry being falling to his death off the back of a pickup truck, being driven by none other than lolei. Play the video to hear the 911 calls.

Hope you enjoyed todays dish, be sure to come back for seconds tomorrow. See ya then ;)

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